Fun Bike

Wed, 07 Oct 2015
9:20 am

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To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, ITS Architecture Department had an event which is Fun Bike and they were inviting ITS International Office to take a part on this event. This event was held on Sunday, 5th of September 2015. This fun bike started around 7 a.m and the route itself had total amount of 24 km long and the amount of participant itself approximately around 60 people. Alumni, Architecture student itself and other ITS Students were also joining this event. The Starting line was in ITS Architecture Department, and then Padigling, then went to Tugu Pahlawan and also JMP and then we had a best online casino meeting with Surabaya’s City Mayor, Ibu Risma in the city hall. For the information, Ibu Risma is an alumni from ITS Architecture Department. After the delightful meeting, we proceed to the finish line, in ITS Architecture Department. When we had arrived in ITS Architecture Department, the other committee were preparing for another event, such as music performance. And this event was finished around 2 p.m

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