Welcome Orientation, Campus Tour, & City Tour for New ITS International Students

Wed, 09 Sep 2015
6:01 pm

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International Sudent

At the beginning of the semester, ITS always have a lot of new foreign student from many countries in the world. And this semester, there are more than 40 foreign students come to ITS to study with some program like Student Exchange, Darmasiswa, KNB Scholarship, even for a full degree. Therefore, ITS International Office held “Welcome Orientation” to welcome new foreign student and introduce ITS and explain them how social life in Indonesia especially in Surabaya.

This event Opened with Remo Traditional Dance. This dance was for introducing that Indonesia has a lot of culture. The dancer is ITS IO volunteer.

The next agenda is presented by many speakers. The materials are Academic Orientation, immigration, Culture Shock, Overview International Student activities 2015/2016, Dormitory explanation, and Health Isurance. All of this material is very important because this is helping them to know what will they do as a new student of ITS and make them understand what should they do and don’t when they live in Indonesia.

After Welcome Orientation was finished, it was continued by a campus tour. All the International Students were shown the center of ITS, which were buildings around Rectorate. They were walking with the tour guide of ITS IO Volunteer to UPMB Building, Pasca Sarjana Building, ITS Library, UPMS Building and BAAK Building. The tour wan ended by passing by the hall of Dr. Angka. Then they were shown the whole campus ITS by bus and continued to the city tour.

After having welcome orientation and campus tour, the international students were allowed to take time to rest before the city tour. The international students were divided into 2 groups which determined their seats on the bus along the city tour. This activity was also joined by some of ITS International Office Volunteers and some of Department Association. The first destination was kenjeran parked, people usually call it Kenpark. At Kenpark, the bus stopped by the temple and took some photos there. Then, the participants had their dinner at Soto Lamongan Cakhar, one of popular traditional restaurants in Surabaya. After finishing the dinner, the bus directly headed to Tugu Pahlawan. At Tugu pahlawan, the bus had a stop for around 20 minutes to let the international students looked around and took pictures. The city tour was ended at The House of Sampoerna, the last destination. The participants were guided by House of Sampoerna staff and were given an explanation regarding the Sampoerna company.

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