CommTECH Camp Highlight 2015

Fri, 04 Sep 2015
3:13 pm

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Community and Technologial (CommTECH) Camp Highlight 2015

24th August – 2nd September 2015


49 participants. 22 different countries. Coming to ITS, Surabaya. Becoming new family from once completely strangers. Through 10-day experience of CommTECH Camp Highlight 2015. Though it is over, the memories will stay in one’s mind, about what were done in each day. Here they are!


Day 1

In front of ITS Rectorate Building, they were welcomed by a traditional dance performed by the association of ITS Minang students (IMAMI). Afterwards, in a series of Open Ceremony, the Rector of ITS, Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana, M.Sc.ES. Ph.D delivered his speech to open the camp officially. Then they began the activity by having a Campus Tour around ITS to witness the technology applied in our campus. For this year’s camp, they visited Central Library, Hydro Lab, and Robotics Center. In the night, they were having fun in Welcoming Dinner. They were listening to musical performance by the committees and even our Rector, and they were also dancing and playing little games.


Day 2

The participants started their second day by Learning Indonesian Language in our Language and Culture Center (UPT Bahasa). After some short lecturers, they did practicing in communicating in Indonesian Language. But not only that, they also played a short game and learned to cook Rujak, one of Indonesian local cuisine! In the mid noon, they learned how to play Angklung, that is one of Indonesian traditional music instruments; and also how to practice Saman, one of Indonesian traditional dance. Coached by students and teachers from YPPI Surabaya, the participants were exited to do this.


Day 3

We could name this day as “Participants’ Batik Day”, because the whole day was about Batik. Batik is one of Indonesian’s world-renowned heritages. Began with batik course in the morning, delivered by Miss Sekar Ajeng Nastiti, a young CEO of Klastik Footwear—a renowned footwear brand which focuses on Batik as its primary material. Afterwards, Mrs. Nanik Suciati, Mrs. Wijayanti Nurul, and Mr. Adrian from the Department of Informatics ITS gave them another course about Batik Retrieval. They introduced website “Galeri Batik” (, a search engine to find various batik patterns. Through the websites, users could search batik pattern by using words or images. Not only having the courses, they also having time on making batik in Rumah Batik Jawa Timur in Margorejo. There, they learned how to draw pattern and use “canting” in order to make Batik by themselves.


Day 4

The day began with course about Value Chain Analysis delivered by Prof. Ir. I Nyoman Pujawan. And then another course was given by Mr. Kriyo Sambodho, a lecturer from ITS. It was about disaster management. Short after the course, they practiced Saman dance and Angklung for the performance in the day after tomorrow.


Day 5

In that Friday, the participants began their activity by doing Aerobic sports in Bungkul Park, one of the best parks in Asia. It wasn’t that hard aerobic actually but more fun aerobic. It was Poco-Poco dance, a kind of dance comes from Sulawesi. Not only that, they also played a fun game. Afterwards, after some short break of course, they went around city of Surabaya and visited some of Surabaya famous places and landmark. In the night, the participants wore their traditional clothes, depends on the country they come from, to have a Gala Dinner with Surabaya City Mayor. They were enjoying their time there and also performed their Angklung and Saman dance in front of all Gala Dinner participants, which included ITS Rector, in the Mayor’s House.


Day 6 until Day 7

These 2 days were the best. Together with some committees, the participants went on trip outside of Surabaya.

First, they went to Lumpur Lapindo, or Lapindo Mud, a site where mud drown a village that was once there. They were given some lecturers presented by Mr. CandraIrawan, ST., MT., one of ITS Lecturers. After that, the participants went up to the top of dam surrounding the mud and had a short visitation in the disaster site. The participants were astonished about it.

They continued their trip to Bhakti Alam, an agricultural holiday site. The participants first had a course about Biogas from Mr. AdhiYuniarto, ST. ,Msc, PhD, another lecturer from ITS. The participants then took a tour to witness and experience producing milk straight from live cow and how the milk was processed into yogurt.

Then, they visited a Flower Garden. They took some picture and bought a flower for their present. Right after that, they finally checked in a hostel name Sawiran. At the night, the participants and committees were gathering around camp fire and having a great time. The participants played a game, shared about their feelings each other, and dancing and singing while looking at the burning fireworks.

In the day after, the participants were ready to start their trip in the very early morning to Bukit Cinta (Love Hill). The view was so amazing that they were speechless, but they didn’t forget to take many photographs. Not only Bukit Cinta, they also went to Bromo Mountain. Each of them rode a horse to reach Bromo Mountain from gathering site. The participants went to the top of Bromo Mountain to see the crater, and of course, took some photographs.

They ended the day by doing rafting in Songa Rafting Site. Some of the participants were afraid at first. But after dare themselves to try, the even asked the committee to do it once again. Doing rafting in a hard stream river was a very great experience, some of the participants said. They even bought photos from the site to keep the experience in memory and show it to their friends and family back in their country.


Day 8

The participants were divided into five groups to visit Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) around Surabaya: Kampung Kerupuk (Crackers Village), Kampung Tempe (Tempe Village), Kampung Kerang (Seashell Village), Kampung Kue (Cake Village), and Kampung Herbal (Herbal Products Village).

On every place, the participant were explained about the products, the production process, the product detail, marketing, and other information about the SME product. One group had chance to visit three places and every participant were given a voucher Rp75.000,00 to shop at each place.

Day 9

It is getting closer to the end of the camp. On the 9th day, the participants went on company visit to Teluk Lamong until the mid noon. Then, together with committee, they were discussing to make presentation for the day after. The presentation was about the participants university and was going to be delivered to students of ITS. After the discussing time, they went on a shopping site and bought many things as gift for their friends and family.


Day 10

The Closing Day. But first, they managed to give the presentation to ITS Students and share some experience with them. After the presentation, they were served in Closing Ceremony as the activity has ended, and they were going to back to their country. The participants performed Angklung and Saman Dance in front of Indonesian People for the very last time, and watched a video compilation about what they have been through together since the first day of the camp.


This camp initially established to introduce ITS to the world. But as the time passed by, it also becomes one of times the world could gather around, meet as strangers, make new friends, and do something new. The 10 days may be short, but what have been done should last in a long time.


CommTECH Highlight 2015 Committee

ITS International Office

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember


Reported by : Media and Information Division of ITS International Office


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