Chinese Language Semester Program at Qingdao University of Technology Qindao College, China

Mon, 06 Jul 2015
5:08 pm

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Qingdao University of Technology Qindao College, China offer Chinese Language Program for ITS students for one semester. During this program ITS students also has opportunity to take another course from the department. QDC offer 2 places for ITS students with free tuition. The students have to cover accommodation, meals, insurance, flight and any other expenses by themself,

In this program, the students have opportunity to learn more about chinese language and chinese culture for one semester. The students also have opportunity to take another course in department related. Please be aware that the students must take all the chinese language program according the schedule. You can best online casino take another course as long as the schedule different time with chinese language program schedule. This program will be start on September 10, 2015.  

For more information about this program please read in this file Add_informationSept2015 

For more information about Qingdao University of Technology please read this file Introduction of QDC 

The cost for this program is :

Tuition fee  : Free for 2 ITS students

Accommodation : 80 RMB/day  for single room & 40 RMB /day for double room

Application fee : 400 RMB (pay in advance)

Accommodation deposit : 500 RMB

Internet : 50 RMB/month

Insurance : 185 RMB

The students also have to cover, flight, visa, meals and any other expenses by themself.

For ITS Students who interested with this program  please prepare the documents below :

– QDC_Application_Form

– Resume_n_eng 

– Study Plan maximum 2000 words. Please describe why you want to join this program and which course do you want to take it

– TOEFL Score

– Academic Transcript in English version

– Passport Scanned

– Statement Letter that you will cover all the expenses

– Two Recommendation Letter 

Please submit all of your documents hardcopy) to Mr. Wahyu at International Office maximum on August 4, 2015, 16.00 WIB. If you ahve questions about this program please contact Mr. Wahyu at

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