Workshop Magang Ormawa

Tue, 16 Jun 2015
11:23 pm

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Workshop Magang Ormawa

Workshop Magang Ormawa as part of Magang Ormawa Program was held on June 10th – 15th 2015 at SCC ITS Hall. This workshop was arranged in order to prepare Ormawa of ITS (BEM, HMJ, and LMB) to face the global challenge with knowledge and hard skills and also as one of assessment mechanism for participants to be able to proceed to the next stage of Magang Ormawa.

On the first day, June 10th 2015, the workshop started with overview of the program, includes the rules, regulation, and assessment of the program which was delivered by the Coordinator of Magang Ormawa. Then the next, was a course about “IQF and MRA” delivered by Ir. Endrotomo M.T followed by the second course about “Why Should We Go Global” by Dr. Maria Anityasari. The workshop was closed by singing ITS International Anthem together.

On the second day, there were course about International Collaboration from AISEC, SEG, and SPE team. And next, the participant had a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) about international collaboration in their organization followed by a presentation session. And the workshop closed by a course from HMUN team about Lobbying and Negotiation.

On the third day, the participants got knowledge about international orientation and the session closed by a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and assignment for the participants.

On the fourth day, course about How to Create International Events was brought by some great speakers, where they were the committee of success international events at ITS, that was InChall (Industrial Challenge) from Industrial Engineering and ICECC (Indonesia Chem-E Car Competition) from Chemical Engineering. The course closed by sharing session about International Events. Then the next course by Imron Ghozali as the Head of BEM ITS 2011/2012 which briefly explained about Indonesian Youth in Global Challenge. Then it was closed by course from ITS IO team about How to Create International Event (2nd session) where the speakers online casino were the person who were responsible for CommTECH Camp.

The fifth day of Workshop Magang Ormawa was brought differently, with an outbound for the participant with the international students which was held at library field. Before entering the Games session, the participant including the international students were divided into 10 groups which consist of four people each group. The mini games were Blind games, Cucumber Soccer, Bakiak, Kelereng, and Tarik tambang. In these mini games, each group was trained to work together as a team. Then the big games was Castle Keeping where the participants should guard their castle and fight the other team by pop their balloons which means the member die when the balloons they brought blow up. Then the games closed by having lunch together and winner announcement.

The last day of Workshop Magang Ormawa was held in SCC Hall with courses about Documents and Administration and Hospitality for International Students which was delivered by ITS IO Team. The workshop continued by Focus Group Discussion and assignment for the participants. At the end of the session, some of the participants gave some testimony of the workshop, and all of them were a positive testimony. Then the closing ceremony of the workshop was a motivation speech from Dr. Maria Anityasari as the Chief of ITS International Office and followed by singing “Bangun Pemudi Pemuda” together. The participants that pass the workshop stage would continue to join the next stage of Magang Ormawa Program.

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