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Fri, 12 Jun 2015
1:33 pm

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In order to thank to PSM, ITS TV, and ITS Online for their help on the process of making the Internationalization Anthem of ITS, on June 6th 2015 in the morning, ITS International Office arranged an event called Fun Day which consisted of some fun sport games. The participants weren’t only from those three, but also from some ITS international students, and added by several ITS International Office volunteers. The event was held at the library field.

The event started by singing the Internationalization Anthem led by Ms. Maria Anityasari as the Chief of ITS International Office. After that, all the participants did the well-known dance, Poco-Poco, instructed by Mr. Wahyu  from ITS International Office

 After the whole opening activities, all the participants started to enter the main activity, the Games. But before they started, they were separated into 4 group. When all the group had been made, they entered the Warming Up Games. Eggplant Soccer, Water Balance, Hulahoop, and Human Chain were the list of the games. Those games were done one by one for each group. All participants did their best on each game. Those games tought them how to work in team. They have to coordinate to each other to finish the game.

After they had done all the Warming Up Games, they faced another game which is called The Battle Games. On that game stage, 2 groups had to battle on each game. Those games are Bakiak Race and Tarik Tambang. Also in this game stage, they needed to be a cohesive team to win the game.

The sun started to rise, and the weather were getting hotter, but all the participants were still on fire to accomplish all the games.  The last game for that day was the Final Games. That game could be also called the cooling down games after they had several games which needed  extra energy to finish them. The final games consisted of Copcolicop Dance and Words Forming.

 As the all  participants already done the whole games, they moved to Ruang Makan Rektorat to have breakfast and to restore their energy. In the middle of it, they watched a video of the Fun Day whole activities which is being made along the games occured. After they finished their meal, it’s time to announce the winner of the games. The first winner went to the group 3 and the second winner was achieved by the group 2. Besides, Alhaji, one of the ITS international student, was being crowned as the best participant of Fun Day. The presents were given by Ms. Maria to the winner of the games. She continued with giving speech and delivering her hope in making a good relation with PSM, ITS TV, and ITS online, remembering we would be doing some works together someday. After all the speeches, the event was closed by singing the Internationalization Anthem for the last time by all of the participants. 

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