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Wed, 03 Jun 2015
2:55 pm

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image001ITS Student, we are glad to inform that the University of Porto will open a new edition of its Junior University this Summer 2015 !

The Junior University is a summer school focused on the promotion of knowledge – in the fields of science, technology, art, humanities and sport – among secondary level students (typically 11 to 17 years old). To this end, several learning programs and small research projects are annually designed by university lecturers and executed by monitors, mostly undergraduate and graduate students, or fresh graduates, under supervision, in some cases junior researchers.

The available programmes for international secondary level students are:

Faculty of Architecture:

A tua ideia, o teu projeto na baixa do Porto (link)

Faculty of Engineering:

Vem (re)construir o teu futuro… (link)

Faculty of Fine Arts:

A cidade invisível (link)

Modela as tuas ideias em 3D (link)

All the information is available online at

For any queries, please address your e-mail to

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