Launching Program Magang Ormawa ITS – ASEAN Universities 2015

Mon, 20 Apr 2015
12:49 pm

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Surabaya (17/04). International Office (IO) ITS was launching its newest program. It is internship for member of ITS Student Association (Ormawa) which will be held on next October 2015 for a week. The program divided into 3 parts, workshop, camp, and internship.The aim of this program is to prepare ITS students to get ready to have the international exposure and have the confidence to encounter the ‘real world’. Moreover, all participants are possible to make such massive student movement that bring tenacity about internationalisation in each department as they can enhance their softskills and soft compentences through this program.

This intensive workshop is unlike the other workshop that ITS IO has conducted before. Some participant who are willing and perform excellence will be send to overseas to learn about culture, organization, and globalization there. Soon they’re comeback, it will be their chance to show off about what they have to do with their campus in order to getting better and better to face global challenge.This program is dedicated as one of the prove that ITS is running fast toward internationalisation and get ready for AEC 2015! So guys, are you ready too?

You may download the briefing material of Magang Ormawa in this following link 

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