Indonesia International Student Association (IISA – ITS) Reunion Night

Thu, 09 Apr 2015
4:32 pm

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Surabaya (27/03). Indonesia International Student Association in (IISA) is a student association created by a body of international students under the supervision of DIKTI, in an international conference since 2012. However the association receives it active and recognized coordination ship in ITS in November 2014. Alhaji Sheku Sankoh (Sierra Leone), Master degree student of Informatics Engineering was chosen to be the coordinator of IISA and as the president of international student in ITS campus (IISA-ITS 2015)  Therefore, due to the coordinator's close collaboration IISA Committee, and with the ITS international office, he brought up the idea of incorporating IISA-ITS.  This association is as a place to gather the idea and vision, to create events, to have a good relation with all ITS international students, in order to share the ways to adjust with life in campus during the stay.  It also pave the ways for international student of ITS to mingle around with the local student, and to adopt to the campus environment. It was the first reunion night of IISA-ITS. Approximately 20 international students from Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sudan, Angola, etc. attended the meeting to discuss about future program that they are about to work on. In the agenda of the IISA-ITS, casino online the description of IISA-ITS, future goal setting of the association, the structure of IISA-ITS committee, program collaboration with IO, and sharing session were discussed. 

Volunteers of International office in the hospitality division also attended the meeting to collaborate and merge some works together. One of the upcoming big projects is the 'International Insight' which is going to be merging with 'Intercultural Cultural Night'. As we know, International Insight is one of International Office big project for ITS freshman which provides a lot of information about scholarships, TOEFL/IELTS test, introducing different cultures, and so on. This time IO and IISA-ITS is going to gather two big project as an international exhibition and intercultural Cultural night performance which is going to be held on early September 2015.

IISA-ITS is one of the prove that ITS is running fast toward internationalization or globalization and get ready for Asian Economic Community 2015! So guys, are you ready too?


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