Welcoming Academic Orientation ITS International Students 2015

Sun, 15 Mar 2015
5:31 pm

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Welcome academic orientation

Feb 27, 2015. Entering this second semester of academic year 2014/2015, ITS accepts 10 new exchange students from 4 different countries, those are France, Japan, Germany and Holland. They will be studying at Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Physics Engineering for approximately  6 months.


ITS, through ITS International Office, provide platform for new foreign students to know more about the academic rules and regulations in our campus. Although they are mature enough to pay attention at the written rules, ITS International Office still need to make sure that they really understand about the rules applied here. Why so? Because there must be a lot of differences in habit and culture between their university and ITS. The Welcoming Orientation was held on 27th of February 2015 from 09.00 am until 15.00 pm. In this agenda, ITS International Office also invited the senior international students to join this program because there were going to be some explanations about the rules that has been revised by ITS bureaucracy. Also within this agenda ITS International Office also gave some information about culture shock, living in ITS, International Students Association, immigration, dormitory, studying at ITS and health matters. Dr. Maria Anityasari as the Head of ITS International Office delivered her opening speech. Then, it was continued by culture shock matters that was given by Candia Sarno from Canada as ITS International Student at Master Degree, Magister Management Technology Department with David Setyawan from Indonesia as student at Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program. Both of them were comparing culture in other countries with indonesian culture. After this matery, it was continued with Living in ITS by Faisal Maulana as Part-Timer Staff at ITS International Office, he was giving explanation about the real situation in our campus, and delivering information about important places they need to know to support their basic needs during they stay in ITS Surabaya to study and so on. Then it was continued with International Students Association (ISA) introduction by Alhaji, he is currently a student at Master Degree Informatics Engineering. He came from Sierra Leone, he was also the representative from ISA, he would like to inform about their activity for this semester. After this matery they are take a break for lunch and also Pray for moeslem people. This agenda continued at 13.00 pm by Mr Ferry as Person In Charge for Immigration Process. In this section there are a lot of questions from the students because the way to renew the License for Study is quite complicated. Then continued for dormitory matery that given by Mr Faisal. He was explain about how the mechanism for the students to get the room in dormitory and what is the facilites that they will get, how much the should pay for a month and so on, ITS International Office has given choice whether the students wants to stay at dormitory or looking for another boarding house or apartment. Volunteer of International Office will be buddy to guide the students to get the room or apartment. After that continued for Study at ITS by Dr Unggul Wasiwitono as Deputy Head of ITS International Office, he was explain about the rules to get the credits and also gave direction to transfer the credits, and also explain about the International Class that ITS provide for International students. And for the last matery that given by Mrs Puty and Ms dewi both of them are talking about information of insurance, the first step for students if they have anything to check or anything to do at hospital. We had ended this agenda at 15.00 pm, and then we held Campus Tour to let them  know about ITS main facilities such as library, rectorate building, bank, student center, department and so on.

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