City Tour 2015 – ITS International Students

Sun, 15 Mar 2015
5:35 pm

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Different experience were given to the new international students who come for studying in ITS as exchange students. The new concept of city tour has successfully marked special impression for 6 exchange students who come from German and Netherland. On Saturday, 28 February 2015, 3 guys from Germany and 2 guys from Netherland along with some volunteers of ITS International Office visited Batik Seru, a mangrove batik craft. At 12pm everyone was gathered and went to the place located in Wisma Kedung Asem Indah I No. 5.

The owner of Batik Seru gave a very warm welcome to the international students once they arrived. Bu Luluk as the owner gave a brief speech and some explanation about the organization history and activities, especially regarding to mangrove products as the color material for making batik. The international students were very interested with this new and unique concept, some of them raised some questions to know further about the activities done in Batik Seru organization.

The activities that day continued with making mangrove batik craft. All international students were given the opportunity to try to make their own mangrove batik craft. Each of them received a piece of fabric that has mangrove plants drawing in it as the pattern. Later on they had to add some more drawings that based on their creativity. Nick, the students from Netherland added the Netherland flag, the windmill house, and tulip flower on his fabric to mark it with his country stuffs. The next process was drawing the pattern again using canting to layer it with the wax. The type of canting used in this organization was quite different, they used more sophisticated canting. Rather than using stove to melt the wax, they used electrical canting that heat the wax inside. This tool made the students drew the pattern easier and quicker rather than using the traditional one. All of international students successfully finish this process by themselves. The last process was coloring, which has done using the color from mangrove as its raw materials.

Even though making batik was tiring for them, but they truly enjoyed having this experience. The only problem they faced was that, the chairs and the tables were too small for their long legs. So that it brought a bit of discomfort during the activity. Not only trying to make batik craft, they also got a chance to drink mangrove beverages and eat mangrove ice cream. They gave positive respond and enjoyed the offers.

Finished with batik activity, the city tour was continued to Ciputra World Mall. They had dinner in Food Wave and during dinner, they had buddy session with volunteers. In buddy session, Rizqi as the coordinator of hospitality division lead the discussion. It mostly talked about buddy roles and also the international students’ responsibility and rights. They were also asked about their expectation during their stay in Indonesia and what they expect IO to do to help them. This session also made the international students got closer to the volunteers.

The city tour was closed with watching movie session. The international students and volunteers watched Kingsmen. The movie had successfully closed city tour with joy and happiness. And last but not least, selfie moment had become another memorable experience for everyone in this city tour.

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