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Thu, 12 Mar 2015
12:54 pm

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Malang (07/03).  ITS International Office were having a trip called the Adventurous Trip. The trip participated by ITS International Office volunteers, and the old and new International students of ITS. This trip were focused to introduce the beauty of Indonesia to the new International students. We gathered at Rektorat building at 2.00 am in the morning, we had some preparations due to the activity we will do later in the Trip. We depart at 3.30 am from Rektorat building with a mini bus, then headed directly to the first destination which was the Paralayang Venue in Batu.

We arrived there at 07.00AM then we took some pictures and videos near the cliff, capturing the beauty of the mountain and the nature around the cliff. We also walked around the venue, and visited the iconic treehouse while we were waiting for the wind. But apparently, the weather was not good enough due to the wind so that we did not have the chance to go Paragliding. After we got the confirmation that we were not able to go Paragliding, we leave the venue and went to have lunch. After we had our lunch and prayers, we continue the trip to the next destination, Goa Cina Beach. But right after we leave the lunch venue, the bus got flat tire and we had to fix that for a while. After the bus tire had already been fixed, we continue the trip, and it took us about three and a half hours to reach the beach.

The International students were so relieved that they directly changed their clothes and go for a swim. After having some times for swimming, we were having some games such as volley ball and traditional games. Actually we already planned some traditional games, but it was already late and we only had volley ball and Tarik tambang games. After the games already finished, we took some preparations to go back home, and in our way back home, we had our lunch at a Padang restaurant, then after that we went back home to ITS. We arrived at ITS on early sunday at 1.00AM, everybody looked really tired but they were enjoying the Adventurous Trip very much.

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