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Ritsumeikan University

Surabaya (2/03)  ITS held Student Session with Ritsumeikan University Japan at 14.00-16.00 WIB in Meeting Room, ITS Rectorate building 1st floor. This session aimed to inform the ITS students about studying in Ritsumeikan University.

Student Session with Ritsumeikan University  was begun by the general explanation about Ritsumeikan University by Ass. Prof. Sizuyo Asai. This session was begun by a video about researches, social projects, and some brief information about Ritsumeikan University, High School and Primary School. Then after that Prof. Kennichi Kasahara delivered the second presentation.

The presentation was about detail information about Ritsumeikan University, such as location, colleges and its history. Ritsumeikan University had several campuses, but the main campus was in Kyoto. There were four colleges, College of Science and Engineering, College of Information Science and Engineering, College of Biosciences and College of Pharmaceutical Science. Prof. Kasahara also explained about the researches currently they do, such as about the new innovation about solar cell. In the end of his presentation,   

Prof. Kasahara encourage the ITS students to join Joint Workshop for Global Engineers 2015 that would be held in Ritsumeikan University. And the last presentation delivered by Prof. Seiji Hashimoto. The presentation was about researches currently they were doing in environmental engineering field.

Then we came to Q&A session. Mostly the questions were about programmes provided by Ritsumeikan University conducted in English, Japanese language profiency, application requirements and the researches they were doing. Ritsumeikan University only provided programmes conducted in English for Master and Doctoral degree programmes. Meanwhile Japanese language profiency was only needed by applicants who apply for Bachelor degree programmes. For addition, application requirements could be different, it depended on the universities and the scholarship programmes.

At the end, Ass. Prof. Sizuyo Asai gave a quote, “Ritsumeikan means a place to find your destiny. And maybe you can find your destiny in Ritsumeikan University.”


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