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Mon, 29 Sep 2014
9:35 am

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Upgrading for Volunteers (Trip to Ijen Crater)

To strengthen the engagement of ITS IO Volunteers, we arranged the enjoyable trip to The Ijen Ctrater in January 2014. Some of ITS International Students also joined in our trip. We were not only arranging the trip, but also creating some games for volunteers and international students so they could solve the problems given in the games. The aim  of it is for developing  the soft skill and leadership of volunteers and international students.



Open Recruitment of ITS International Office Volunteers Season 5

To seek the new generations of volunteer, we open the registration for new volunteers every year. The applicant of the recruitment must be a local student of ITS. The last recruitment we did was in may 2014Every year, the number of the applicants were increased. Most of the applicants conveyed that they were willing for helping ITS IO to speed up the internationalization of ITS in the past interviews of the recruitment.


Community Service Project of ITS Volunteers

To raise the awareness of  Volunteer about the social life, build up the responsibility to the community and help the community in sharpen their hardskill to prepare for the upcoming globalization impact. While giving the community some training, the volunteers also had an experience to mingle with the people in the village. Volunteers had got a chance to live in with a local family and learn the social life of the local community.


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