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Sun, 28 Sep 2014
6:41 pm

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Finalist of staff intership to Thailand

ITS International Office also have Internship program for staffs. We have program for our staffs internal called ITS International Office Staffs Internship. This program designed by ITS International Office to give ITS staffs opportunity to intern in several top overseas universities for 2 weeks. Interest applicants must submit their documents to international office and must pass interview selection. After that, all the staffs who pass the interview selection must attend intensif pre departure training. Please always update the information in our website to get detail about this program.


For staffs from overseas universities wants to internship to ITS, please send your documents (CV, motivation letter, recommendation letter and official letter from university) to Please note, you have to paid your living expenses, transportation local, accomodation, insurance, etc. 

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