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Sun, 28 Sep 2014
6:21 am

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This year, ITS held special custome camp. The first custome camp came from KMUTT (King Mongkut’s University of Technology) as the partner university of ITS. ITS held ASEAN Student Camp 2014 for the KMUTT students as the participants which ran from June, 9th – 21st 2014.

Participants got experience to learn Bahasa language, Gamelan musical, Angklung instrument, and Saman Dance. Besides learning the language and traditional culture of Indonesia, the participants were also experiencing the real Indonesian atmosphere and tasting the unique taste of Indonesian food through the sessions of Traditional Games and Traditional Culinary Tourism.

There were also Company Visit to Petrokimia Company, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Visit, and Tourism Visit Place to Taman Safari, Kaliandra, Majapahit Kingdom,and Sleeping Buddha Temple. Moreover, the solid team work of participants were developed through Softskill Development Session.

After going through those sessions, the participants from KMUTT and the committees from ITS (volunteers of ITS IO) got along really well. “I have no idea what to say. You take care us really really warmly and kindly. If you come to Thailand, we (all KMUTT participants) are not sure that we can look after you like what you have done to us. It’s the precious moment in my life that remains unforgettable. Thank you for take care all of us. We always miss you, guys”, the farewell quotes from Nan.

                We warmly welcome all of you who want to take the special customized program, just like these participants from KMUTT did. Experience the culture, embrace the knowledge, give positive impact to local society, and enjoy the hospitality!

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