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The Australian Government’s Department of Education in cooperation with Institut Teknologi Surabaya is holding the Australia-Indonesia Innovative Research Seminar Series in Indonesia as part of the Australian Embassy’s Art and. The seminar will be delivered by Associate Professor Ian Menz, School of Biological Sciences at Flinders University, South Australia and Professor Colin Barrow, Chair of Biotechnology at Deakin University, Victoria.

Malaria continues to be a significant burden on the health and productivity of the global population. Each year Indonesia’s 250 million people collectively suffer at least several million cases of malaria caused by all four known species of human Plasmodium.  Associate Professor Ian Menz will highlight two different projects from his laboratory that aim to address the need for new anti-malarial drugs and drug targets.  The first project involves the characterisation of the mitochondrial ATP synthase complex as a potential drug target.  The second project involves a new bioinformatics approach that has been developed for in silico, or computer based, screening of inhibitors for selected drug targets.


Professor Barrow will focus on the production of nutritional supplements and functional foods utilising biotechnological techniques.  Indonesia has a rapid economic growth trajectory with an increasing population and a rising middle class.  One of the consequences of such growth is a predicted increase in life-style diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.  Professor Barrow will describe some of his work on the enzymatic production of resolvins using lipoxygenases, and the fermentation of omega-3 oils from marine micro-organisms.  Finally, he also will describe some of his work on the formation of amyloid fibrils and graphene for various applications in nano-biotechnology.


Speakers’ Biographies


Associate Professor Ian Menz


ianAssociate Professor Menz is the Dean of the School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering at Flinders University, Adelaide, since 2012.  He received his PhD in purification and characterisation of plant mitochondrial NAD(P)H dehydrogenases from the Australian National University in 1995.


Associate Professor Menz’s current expertise is in bioenergetics, protein purification, crystallography and bioinformatics and drug discovery.  During the course of his research he has become skilled at a great variety of laboratory techniques which have been instrumental in innovative problem solving.


Throughout his university career, Associate Professor Menz has strived to achieve excellence in teaching in the field of biology.  In 2007, he received the Pearson Education UniServe Science Award for quality curriculum design, with co-recipients Karen Burke Da Silva and David Wood.


His current teaching research interests relate to evaluating interactive teaching tools, such as audience response units, for their ability to engage students and increase the quality of the learning experience from the student’s perspective.


Professor Colin Barrow


profProfessor Colin Barrow is the Chair of Biotechnology at Deakin University.  He is also the Director of the Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology (CCB).  Professor Barrow’s research is primarily focused on food biotechnology and the application of nanomaterials for industrial purposes.


Professor Barrow has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and an MBA from Penn State in the USA. Professor Barrow has 180 peer-reviewed publications, several patents, and has presented at numerous conferences and workshops.  He has served as a member of the Expert Advisory Committee for Canadian Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD), is a founding member of International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF).


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