Official Welcome for International Students of ITS

Wed, 10 Sep 2014
5:24 pm

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Surabaya (05/09).   Welcoming of International Students in ITS was opened at 9 am by traditional dance performance from one of the ITS International Office Volunteers. This event was held in Jelantik Room of Architecture Department. There were 40 new international students of ITS. Most of them came from programs, such as: KNB scholarship, Darmasiswa, and regular program. Interweave was the latest exchange program which was held for the first time in ITS. There were 7 new international students from Interweave program.

Professor Darminto, as the Vice Rector IV from ITS gave warm welcome speech to all of International students. Introduction about ITS was delivered by Dr. Unggul Wasiwitono as the Deputy II of ITS International Office. The event continued with Campus Life session from Dr. Maria Anityasari as The Head of ITS International Office, Academic Regulation, and Immigration session both delivered from ITS International Office staffs. In addition, ITS International Office also gave explanation about the importance of health insurance.

The food festival near The Manarul Mosque was an unique culinary destination for the new international students during lunch break. Here, the international students could try Indonesian traditional food sold by street vendors. After lunch break, the session was divided into two. Darmasiswa students were given explanation about learning Bahasa, while the other international students paying attention to Dormitory session.

Welcoming of International Students ended with the campus tour session. Guided by ITS International Office Volunteers, the new ITS international students took a walk around ITS main campus such as Academic Bureau Building, Student Advisory Center, Canteen, and Sport Facilities. Hopefully this event packaged with session of knowledge about ITS and living in Indonesia will help the new international students to adapt well and comfortable with their new environment. 

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