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Thu, 22 Aug 2013
1:19 am

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           ITS Goes Global ! That is a slogan which usually used as a reflection of ITS is ready to face internationalization. ITS keeps enhancing performance and widen its network to realize its vision to become a world class research university. Therefore, ITS reforms its organization , improve its facilities and increase the internal and external efficiency to be better.  It is a good opportunity for ITS to be ready to face global challenges and makesITS students more confidence to associate and compete  with International students.

            Nowadays ITS has more than fifty International students who are studying in various majors such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, and many more. Next semester, ITS will receive 30 international students, 10 from KNB, 10 from Darmasiswa and 10 exchange students from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.

            Rustam Mansur Niazai is one of International Students from Chemistry Department is taking Master Degree in ITS.  Rustam come from Laghman, Afghanistan. He will graduate on September 2013. He  has already applied for Doctoral Program in ITS and still waiting for the announcement. He does enjoy study in ITS.“ ITS ia a great university with qualified lecturer and good experience” Rustam said briefly.

            Another International Student of ITS, Dickson Kambin from Industrial Engineering, also enjoyed his study in ITS. “ ITS is  an institution that accepts International  ideas and bulids International atmosphere. The campus life is more enjoyable. Services and facilities are good and many more things you wish are here” said Dickson closed the interview session.

            A lot of positive response from International students about ITS. They so enjoyed study in ITS with all of facilities and services  provided. This is one important point that must be developed to make ITS as a leading university in the Asia Pacific region with International reputation.

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