Testimony by Foreign Student at ITS

Wed, 30 May 2012
4:13 am

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Oleh : itsdhi   |

I am always very grateful and pleased after joining any kind of collaboration with the ITS. Even if my last visit was a short one, it felt like coming home and this boosted my productivity immensely.

In my experience working with the ITS always leads to satisfying results in an 'Indonesian' environment. With this I pin down Indonesia as comprehensive experience were kindness and development in a broad sense are central in an academic setting. 

My expectations for following forms of collaboration are similar to the current ones.  Maybe it is an idea to involve Skype as a way of communication instead of emailing. Especially when discussing a certain approach to a plan or mission.

(Stan Crienen, ITS’s student internship program in Department of Architecture – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning)

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