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Thu, 19 Apr 2012
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  1. Indonesian Language Course

The Center for Languages and Cultures ITS (CLC ITS) offers Indonesian language course for international students in ITS before the classes start. This course will be held for 4 months and you need to pay the fee by your own (for KNB scholarship students, the fee for this course will be all covered).

  1. Student Status

Students are generally classified as either full time or part time students. The method of carry out procedures differs depending on what your student status is, so please make sure that you know which classification you fall under:

–          Full time students          :      undergraduates and graduate school students

–          Part time students          :      foreign exchange students and research student

  1. Student I.D. Cards

Your ITS student I.D. Card offers proof that you are a student of ITS Surabaya. In addition, a student I.D. card is necessary when you register for classes, open up a bank account, and enroll the main library member, so make sure you treat it well.

  1. Registering for Classes

How you register for classes depends on your students status.

Undergraduate and Graduate Program

After paying your tuition fee, you will then be able to register for classes through within Perwalian / FRS (Formulir Rencana Studi) week. Please make sure you have a consultation first with your academic advisor. Staff in your department will inform who will be your academic advisor. Do not forget to get your NRP (Nomor Registrasi Pokok) or your student I.D. number to access this service. (Nomor Registrasi Pokok) or your student I.D. number can be easily found from your student I.D. card. In addition, you can check your class grades using the site as well.

  1. Tuition Fees

Inquiries regarding the payment of school tuition fees should be made at the Student Affairs Division. Feel free to ask about anything that you do not understand. Tuition fees are as follows:

–          Bachelor degree students          :           12.500.000 IDR

–          Master degree students              :           25.000.000 IDR

–          Doctoral degree students           :           40.000.000 IDR

Deadlines for paying tuition fees are before the Perwalian / FRS (Formulir Rencana Studi) week. Deadline for odd semester (semester ganjil) varies between the 2nd or 3rd week of August and for even semester (semester genap) varies between the 4th week of January or the 1st week of February. Please make sure that you pay your tuition fee before the above deadline and if you don’t you won’t be able to register any classes for the following semester.

      6. Campus Facilities


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