Academic Facilities and Campus Life

Fri, 09 Mar 2012
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Main academic activities at ITS are held in standard-size classrooms and large-capacity theaters equipped with multimedia devices connected to central ICT network and hotspots, designed for e-learning. The classrooms and theatres are also used for seminars and teleconferences.

In conjunction with the primary program of lab-based education, ITS manages at least 168 science and engineering laboratories which are spread all over 22 departments, accommodate facilities to support academic and research activities and public and community services.

The central library is in a six-storey building with a collection 61,000 textbook titles, 10,000 documents related to under graduate final year projects, postgraduate theses, research project reports and scientific journals. In addition, at each department and faculty a smaller library or reading room is available. If added together, a collection of 100,000 printed matters and soft copies are available. ITS Press is a unit to boost publications chiefly by ITS academic staff and researchers. The library collection is accessible through LAN and Internet.

The overall ICT facilities and networks are managed by the ITS Computing Center, which provides 1.0 kbit/s for each student to meet the UNESCO standard. ITS Computing Center with the Multi-Media Center provide digital information via website and other appliances for internal and external purposes.

The Cultural and Language Center at ITS supports international culture activities and courses in foreign languages, such as English, French, Germany, Japanese, Mandarin and Arabic.

To enhance the atmosphere and student lives, general and sport facilities are consistently made available. Student community center, general stores, bookstores, and canteens are provided in a centralized area. Dormitory has been enhanced lately to accommodate 1,200 students; a number of guest houses are also provided. Graduations are conducted at a general functional hall with a capacity of 4,000.

Overall, ITS occupies a land area of 187 hectares with general facilities as mentioned below:

General Functional Hall: Graha 10 Nopember
Culture and Language Center of ITS
Student Community Centre
Student Dormitory
Sport Facilities
Football Stadium
Badminton Court
Basketball Court
Futsal Court
Lawn Tennis Court
Mount Climbing Vertical Wall (25m height)

As an international student, you should be able to feel the warmth of ITS and make friendships which will last a lifetime. You do not only occupy your life with academic activities. You can always take parts in sports, arts and other cultural activities.  Each study program in ITS has its own student association with activities ranging from organizing academic seminars to fun and scientific home-tournaments. Apart from the study program associations, there are other associations crossing study program boundaries, and dealing mostly with cultural, environmental or religious issues. There are also some sports related studies. Here are some types of student associations offered in ITS:

Student Executive Organization.
Student Legislative.
Manarul 'Ilmi Masjid Members.
Siklus students environmental organization
ITS Students Choir
ITS Radio
ITS Scout
"Tiyang Alit" Theatre
"dr Angka" students cooperative
Workshop of Entrepreneurship & Technology (WE&T-ITS)
Sport activities: pencak silat, football, jiu jitsu, karate, basketball, etc
Loedroek ITS. Loedroek basically is traditional East Java play. However, it is converted to be more modern and contemporary style.

As there are a lot of possibilities, you will surely be able to find an association of your interest.


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