Guest Lecture Operating System: Memory Management

Sel, 14 Mar 2023
3.43 pm
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On March 10th, 2022, the Department of Informatics ITS organized a guest lecture on “Memory Management” as a part of their Operating System Course. The lecture was conducted via Zoom Meeting and featured Dr. Nibras Abdullah Ahmed Faqera, a senior lecturer at the School of Computer Science in Universiti Sains Malaysia, as the keynote speaker. The event was moderated by Dr. Ary M. Shiddiqi.

According to Dr. Nibras, Memory Management is one of the four crucial subsystem managers in Operating System Software. He highlighted that Memory Management has several requirements, including Relocation, Swapping, Protection, Sharing, Logical Organization, and Physical Organization. The significance of Memory Management lies in the limited Memory Space of a computer compared to the data and processes that require space in memory. Therefore, there is a need to use memory efficiently for storing data.

Over 100 participants from various Operating System course classes attended this guest lecture online. Dr. Ary concluded the event by thanking Dr. Nibras, and a group photo session was held. For more information about the lecture, viewers can visit the YouTube channel “Teknik Informatika ITS” at this link:

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