Class Room

Class Room

Informatics Department has 12 classrooms, each has 7.29 m wide and 10.05 m long with an area of 73.26 m2.

Each classroom can accommodate 40 people, but can be extended to 100 people, by combining 2 classes (IF-105 A and IF-105 B) and (IF-107 A dan IF 107 B).

Informatics Department also has International Undergraduate Program Class (IUP), which have specific designed room with international standard (IF-108)

  • Computer, with specifications, i5 Processor, 8 GigaByte RAM and 1 Terabyte Hard Drive.
  • Internet Network, with bandwidth from ITS up to 7 GigaByte (GB).
  • A modern teaching table on a carpeted stage that makes the teacher feel more prestigious.
  • Wifi, available 2.4GHz and 5 GHz channels.
  • Full Air Conditioner
  • Polycom Camera include sound

Classrooms can be reserved by filling out the form here,

It must be noted that for classrooms reservations must follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the reserving persons either the ITS members or other parties.

Priority reservation applies and will be determined by the management of the Informatics Department on the event-by-event base.

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