ITS is a unique combination of scientific clusters of science, engineering, business, and art. The scientific cluster provides a character for ITS as a superior university that devotes itself to the interests of the nation, science, and humanity. Research at ITS is focused on overcoming various problems faced by the Indonesia and world, ranging from climate change, energy crisis, state security, and public health and welfare. The laboratory is one of the important supporting facilities in carrying out the research process. Laboratories in ITS consist of teaching laboratories, research laboratories, service laboratories, and Laboratory Based Education (LBE). Laboratory-Based Education (LBE) is a research laboratory that has integrated tertiary educational principles, namely education, research, and community service. At ITS, there are around 181 laboratories. Only 70 laboratories have been certified by LBE. And the certified lab will be evaluated annually to maintain its LBE certification status. A laboratory to obtain an LBE certificate must meet the prescribed standards. Management of proposed laboratory submissions for LBE certified is managed by LPPM ITS. In the selection process, the time taken from the submission process to the decision making is still time-consuming, especially in the process of submission and assessment. This is due to the submission process starting with sending the LBE submission form along with the supporting data via email. The LBE form itself has quite a lot of entries that must be completed with the supporting data of the contents included.

The supporting forms and data sent via e-mail are then recapitulated and verified by the LBE reviewer team appointed by LPPM.

After the laboratory has been decided to pass the LBE certificate there is still a process for submitting the SK rector.