Education tuition assistance for Postgraduate Scholarship for Researchers (BPUP) is tuition assistance for graduates of undergraduate or equivalent who have passed the ITS postgraduate entrance examination.


BPUP Aims :

  1. Increase access and opportunity for researchers at ITS for students who have good academic potential and are willing to become researchers
  2. Increase the number and quality of publications as a result of research output
  3. Ensure the continuity of student studies until completed and on time
  4. Improve student achievement, especially in the field of research
  5. Increase the number of researchers


Deadline for Granting Postgraduate Scholarships for Researchers (BPUP) :

  1. Postgraduate Scholarships for Researchers (BPUP) are given since students are designated as recipients of BPUP scholarships at Higher Education, namely 4 Semesters for Masters and 6 Semester programs for S3 programs
  2. For students who have not completed their education in accordance with the stipulated deadline, ITS can extend the cost of education sourced from legitimate funds or ask the student concerned to proceed with independent funds.


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To increase the access and opportunity of research in universities and prepare Indonesian researchers who are able to produce high-quality and useful publications for the nation and people through research and publication, it is important to established Assistant Researchers and their salary.
The Research Assistant (AP) is someone who is competent in a certain field of research and selected by researchers to help with his research.
The Research Assistant (AP) is not only a PNS (government-civil apparatus) lecturers or non-PNS lecturers but also students, graduands related to the field of research and a research member.

PAP’s aims :

  1. Increase the access and opportunity of ITS researchers, so individuals who have good academic competency and are ready to be in Research Assistant (AP) are needed
  2. Increase the number and publication of IPRs, and prototypes of the amount of research output
  3. Increase the number of researchers

Rewards of  Researcher Assistants (AP) can be granted  in the form of honorariums or shcolarship through BPUP schemes.
The amount and mechanism of honorariums payment are regulated in a certain MoU between chief of research and research assistants.


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