For the 2018 period, a community service program (ABDIMAS) has been planned which is funded by internal ITS funds having aims to achieve several objectives:

  1. Creating a conducive atmosphere for community service activities at ITS, especially those related to implementing competencies or implementing research results.
  2. Encouraging all ITS academic staff to participate in community service activities, especially for staff who have never been involved in community service activities.
  3. Increasing the dissemination and diffusion of science and technology products from research so that they can provide high benefits to industries or community groups in need.
  4. Integrating educational activities, both at the D3, S1, S2, and S3 levels, with research and community service activities taking place at ITS


Community service activities are intended to provide solutions to real problems that occur in society and industry. Activities that can be funded can be grouped into 2 (two) parts, namely:


    It is a community service activity that implements the results of research that is oriented to the general public, industry, government agencies and the ITS internal environment. The abdimas activities in this category must be in line with the leading fields of the study center and refer to the topics contained in the 2016-2020 ITS education strategic plans.

    Community service activities that do not have to be the implementation of research results. These types of activities include training, community empowerment so that they are self-sufficient, fostering MSMEs and other activities which is not included in the three types above, but which provide benefits for the community based on the competencies possessed by ITS, not intended to generate financial benefits for service team and ITS, and need implementation funds that cannot be obtained from other sources. To ensure the achievement of community service targets, it is necessary to carry out continuous monitoring and evaluation.

  3. KKN
    KKN is a form of community service activities by students with cross-scientific and sectoral approaches at certain times and regions. Implementation of Community Service Activities usually lasts from one to two months and is located in village level areas. The Directorate General of Higher Education in Indonesia has required every tertiary institution to implement Community Service Program as an intracardiac activity that combines tri dharma tertiary institutions, namely: education, research, and community service.

Dedication to the National Competitive Society

  1. Community Partnership Program (PKM).
  2. Stimulus Community Partnership Program (PKMS).
  3. Real Work Lecture Program – Community Learning and Empowerment (KKN-PPM)
  4. Entrepreneurship Development Program (PPK).
  5. Regional Superior Product Development Program (PPPUD).
  6. Campus Intellectual Product Business Development Program (PPUPIK)
  7. Village Partner Development Program (PPDM)
  8. Regional Partnership Development Program (PKW)

Decentralization Community Service

  1. Higher Education Community Empowerment Program (PPMUPT)

Assigning Community Service

  1. Public Science and Technology Implementation Program (PPIM)