February 08, 2022 12:02

PDPM Study Center: UN Data Updating Services in Watesari Village, Kec. Balongbendo Kab. Sidoarjo

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United Nations Data Update Service in Watesari Village, Kec. Balongbendo Kab. Sidoarjo. This activity is part of the UN Data Updating District. Balongbendo 2020. This service was held at the Watesari Village Hall, on July 1, 2020. Officers from BPPD who attended: Pak Sur, Pak Imam. Meanwhile from PDPM ITS are Mbak Leli and Mbak Henny. Residents are enthusiastic about service activities in the village. Make it easy for residents, they don’t have to go to the BPPD office in Sidoarjo City. It is enough for residents to go to the Watesari Village office to arrange for a full transfer of PBB, transfer of a breakdown of PBB or correction of PBB.

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