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Results of the 2021 International Publication Incentive Incentive Data Validation Review Results

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We hereby convey the results of the review of the 2021 Batch I Publication Incentive Data review which was carried out online through ITS SIMPel. Publication incentives are given only to articles that have been (https://beallslist.net/).
In connection with the above matter, we respectfully request that you please convey to the lecturers in their respective work units, to re-examine the results of the Batch I review. It is hoped that the data will be submitted back to the DRPM no later than Thursday, April 29, 2021, at 16:00 WIB.
If there are articles that have not been included in the results of the Batch I review, the lecturer concerned is welcome to process the validation of his article data no later than April 29, 2021 at 16:00 WIB, online through SIMPeg and SIMPel ITS, according to the technical guidelines and instructions at the link: https://www.its.ac.id/drpm/2021/04/01/panduan-dan-mekanisme-proses-pemberian-insentif-publikasi-internasional-terindeks-batch-1-t-a-2021/


Thus our letter, we thank you for your attention and cooperation.


  1. Hasil Review Validasi Data Insentif Publikasi Internasional Batch 1 Tahun 2021

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