February 07, 2022 18:02

PDPM’s Commitment to Collaborate on Tuban Regional Development Assistance

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Center for Study of Regional Potential and Community Empowerment (PDPM) – DRPM ITS in collaboration with the Tuban Regional Government in compiling an online Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with all Tuban Regency Regional Apparatuses. (there are 47 OPD) on August 24, 2020 coordinated by the Tuban Regency Bappeda.

FGDs were conducted for initial investigation and confirmation of existing condition data and supporting indicators that affect regional poverty rates. These data will be used to analyze and assess the poverty rate. This analysis will be used as material for evaluation and determining poverty reduction strategies/programs that are right on target so as to be able to prosper the community.

The enthusiasm and enthusiasm in supporting this activity was shown by most of the OPD of the Tuban Regency Government during the FGD. Several Heads of Service actively participate and provide each other with input regarding data information and strategic technical steps that can be taken to accelerate analysis and study.

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