February 07, 2022 16:02

Palm Oil Research Grant Program 2021

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It is hereby conveyed that the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS) has reopened the Oil Palm Research Grant Program (GRS) 2020/2021 in the context of funding to support research and development of oil palm plantations. The Palm Research Grant Program aims to provide funding support to Research and Development Institutions in order to increase productivity/efficiency, sustainability and encourage the creation of new products/markets and added value for palm oil through oil palm research and development. The results of this research and development activity are expected to be utilized by the palm oil industry, the government as well as by oil palm farmers and the community. In the framework of implementing the 2021 Palm Oil Research Grant Program, BPDPKS invites you from the Research and Development Institute to submit a proposal to us no later than February 12, 2021 through the website https://program-riset.bpdp.or.id/

Matters related to requirements, criteria, format and mechanism for submitting proposals to monitoring and evaluating program systems are summarized in the Technical Guidebook on Procedures for Submitting Research and Development for Palm Oil which can be accessed through the official website at www.bpdp.or.id


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