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Notification of Upload of Final Report Research Funds Kemendikbudristek PTNBH Single Contract Fiscal Year 2021

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Dear. ITS Research Chairs

In connection with the Research Contract for Fiscal Year 2021 Article 11 Paragraph 2, we hereby request to submit to the Heads of Researcher Funds from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology for Fiscal Year 2021 the PTNBH Single Contract (attached) to immediately upload files via Simlitabmas NG 2.0 and SIMPEL ITS no later than November 16, 2021 according to https://intip.in/KumpulanPanduanSimlitabmas for the following files :

  1. Final report on research implementation, for single year research contract
  2. Reporting on the status of Mandatory Outcomes and Additional Outcomes is carried out simultaneously with filling in progress reports and final reports. The status update of the output can be done at any time
  3. Diary
  4. Statement of Expenditure Responsibility (SPTB) for research funds that have been determined (100% funding) by stating :
    a. Decision Letter Number : 8/E1/KPT/2021
    b. Number and Date of the old Master Contract (Kemristek/BRIN) and new (Kemendikbudristek): 3/E1/KP.PTNBH/2021 dated March 8, 2021 and 003/E4/AK.04.PTNBH/2021 dated September 20, 2021
    c. Derivative Contract Number and Date (attached)
    d. Printed on ITS DRPM Heading Paper
  5. File Seminar Results: Articles, Posters, Forms, Profiles at Old Simlitabmas especially for final year researchers
  6. Specifically for Research Product Video File Collection, uploaded to https://intip.in/VideoRisetITS no later than December 24, 2021, it is mandatory for Researchers of Applied Research Scheme (PT), Applied Research of Higher Education Excellence (PTUPT), Consortium of Higher Education Excellence Research (KRUPT), Development Research (PP), Research on Leading Higher Education Development (PPUPT)
  7. If there are remaining funds, please inform the link https://intip.in/SisaDanaDRPM

Collection of Hardcopy Files to the ITS DRPM Archives Depot, 6th Floor Research Center Building, ITS Campus, on 15-19 November 2021 for the following documents :

  1. Activity Report which is a collection of final reports, mandatory outputs, additional outputs, daily notes, progress reports, and proposals (Bound into One)
  2. Copy of Recap and Financial Statements according to the guidelines in https://www.its.ac.id/drpm/beranda/kumpulan-file-unduhan-2/
  3. Copy of E-Invoice and Tax Assistant Book
  4. SPTB 100% Original Stamped

For completeness of the issuance of the SK Completed Research (BKD), the Heads of Researchers are also requested to check the correctness of their team members at SIMPEL, if there is clarification of team members who are not appropriate, please contact our contact person at 087811162717

Thus our notice, thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Attachment :

1. Pemberitahuan Unggah Berkas Laporan Akhir Penelitian Dana Kemendikbudristek Kontrak Tunggal PTNBH Tahun Anggaran 2021

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