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Extension of Time for Accepting Proposals for Research and Community Service Programs for Independent/Cooperation Funds in 2020

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DRPM ITS again provides an opportunity for lecturers within the ITS environment to propose Research and Community Service Program activities for Independent Funds and Cooperation in 2020 with the following matters:

  1. The proposal is made by following the provisions of the 2020 ITS Independent Research and Community Service Guidelines/Cooperation Fund (attached) and can be downloaded via https://intip.in/kumpulanfilepanduan .
  2. The schedule of activities of the Independent/Cooperation Fund Research and Abmas Program is explained as follows:

a. Research and Abmas Dana Mandiri:

i. Deadline for uploading complete proposal documents, final reports and outputs: 10 December 2020.
ii. Completed documents are uploaded via SIMPel.

b. Research and Abmas Cooperation Fund:

i. Deadline for uploading activity registration data via Google Form at the link https://intip.in/daftarrisetabmaskerjasama : 10 Desember 2020.
ii. Deadline for uploading the completeness of the Proposal, Final Report and Outcome documents via SIMPel : 10 Desember 2020

Thus, we thank you for your attention and cooperation.


  1. Perpanjangan Waktu Penerimaan Proposal Program Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Dana Mandiri/Kerjasama Tahun 2020

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