February 07, 2022 14:02

Disbursement of Research and Community Service Funds for Indonesian Sharia Bank Account Holders

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In connection with the migration of BNI Syariah bank accounts and BRI Syariah banks to Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) which caused changes in account numbers and bank codes, we hereby inform you that the disbursement of funds through BSI has not been possible due to the unavailability of payment features for BSI.
So in the context of accelerating the process of disbursing Research and Community Service Funds for Batch 2 of 2021, and to anticipate returns, we hope that the Researcher and Servants who receive Research funds and Abmas Work Unit Batch 2 of 2021 who have an Indonesian Sharia Bank account will immediately open an account with Bank Syariah Indonesia. BNI or Mandiri Conventional Bank account and immediately report the new account to the Directorate of Research and Community Service no later than 20 August 2021.


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