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Acceptance of ITS Fund Research and Community Service Proposals in 2021

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In connection with the 2021 research and community service program, we respectfully convey that the ITS DRPM provides an opportunity for lecturers/educational staff (tendik) within ITS to submit a proposal for the Research and Community Service Program for ITS Funds and the 2021 Work Unit with the following scheme: following:

1. ITS Flagship Research

2. ITS Center Collaborative Research

3. ITS Scientific Research

4. ITS Partnership Research:

a. Research Collaboration between Universities
b. Partnership Research

5. Institutional Development Research:

a. ITS Institutional Development Research
b. National Institutional Development Research
c. Special Research for Education Personnel
d. Research Fund Department/Faculty

6. Product-Based Community Service

7. Student Community Service (KKN-PM)

8. Community Service Department/Work Unit Funds

In addition to the Research and Community Service Scheme which is funded by ITS Funds and the Work Unit above, the ITS DRPM also facilitates Research and Community Service Schemes which are funded independently (privately) or from ITS external partners, namely:
1. Independent Research Fund / Cooperation

2. Community Service Fund Mandiri / Cooperation

In connection with the acceptance of the ITS Fund Research and Community Service Program proposal for 2021, we need to convey the following:

  1. Proposals are made following the provisions of the 2021 ITS Fund Research and Community Service Guidelines. (https://www.its.ac.id/drpm/beranda/kumpulan-file-unduhan-2/).
  2. Proposals are submitted online through SIMPEL ITS. The technical proposal follows the Technical Guidelines for Proposing Research and Community Service Through SIMPEL ITS (https://www.its.ac.id/drpm/beranda/kumpulan-file-unduhan-2/).
  3. Submission of proposals is open until March 10, 2021 at 23:59 WIB.
  4. The Chief Researcher/Implementer who will register lecturers and/or staff as team members must obtain approval from the person concerned through SIMPEL ITS.
  5. Ratification is carried out online by the Head of the Research Center / Center for Excellence in Science and Technology / Study Center / Dean / Head of Department / Unit Leader and ITS DRPM Director until March 11, 2021 at 23.59 WIB.

In order for this information to be known and utilized by the lecturers / staff, we ask that you please disseminate it to the lecturers / staff in your work unit.
Thus, for your attention and cooperation, we thank you



  1. Surat Penerimaan Proposal Program Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Dana ITS Tahun 2021

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