February 06, 2022 20:02

Notification of Monitoring and Evaluation of Kemendikbudristek Funds for Fiscal Year 2021

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Following up on the letter from the Director of Research, Technology and Community Service number 0016/E5/2022 regarding Notification of Monitoring and Evaluation of Research activities for the 2021 Fiscal Year, we hereby request assistance from the Head of Department within ITS to inform the heads of activities receiving funds. Research Fund Kemendikbudristek Fiscal Year 2021 (list attached) for:

  1. Check and complete updated activity reports and outputs at Simlitabmas and SIMPel.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation is carried out by desk evaluation, only assessing based on reports and outputs uploaded to Simlitabmas and Simpel (no meetings via online zoom)
  3. The results of the Monev Assessment determine the funding for further research for the 2022 fiscal year
  4. The deadline for external updates is January 26, 2022

For your attention and cooperation we extend our thanks.


1. Notification of monitoring and evaluation of research and output updates 

2. Monev Monev Notification Attachment 

3. Research monev notification letter from Kemendikbudristek

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