May 24, 2022 08:05

The Implementation of UTBK 2022

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This year ITS was held the UTBK (Computer-Based Written Examination) in one wave, starts on 17 – 23 May 2022. The UTBK implementation was held in several locations spread across the ITS area. There are 18 locations and 41 rooms that are used as the place for the implementation of the UTBK. The UTBK locations used are:

  1. Mathematics Department
  2. Statistics Department
  3. Mechanical Engineering Department
  4. Department of Electrical Engineering
  5. Department of Engineering Physics
  6. Chemical Engineering Department
  7. Department of Industrial Engineering
  8. Department of Informatics
  9. Information Systems Department
  10. Library Building
  11. Department of Architecture
  12. Interior Design Department
  13. Industrial Product Design Department
  14. Geomatics Engineering Department
  15. Department of Business Statistics
  16. Science Tower Building
  17. Marine Engineering Department Building
  18. R Building Visual Communication Design Department

A total of 665 main pc and 83 spare pc will be used in the implementation of UTBK. Several lecturers and staff participated in the implementation of this year’s UTBK. The entire committee strives to provide the best service by continuing to carry out health procedures. A total of 8165 participants have registered to take part in the 2022 UTBK at ITS. An extraordinary enthusiasm for our brothers and sisters out there. Keep the spirit in running the exam, and don’t forget to always comply with the existing health procedures.

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