January 11, 2022 15:01

DPTSI Employee Farewell – Rizki Rinaldi

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022, DPTSI held the employee farewell. It was opened with remarks by the Director of DPTSI, Rizky Januar Akbar, expressing his hopes and prayers for one of his employees who will continue in a new place, namely Rizki Rinaldi. Speech after speech was also delivered, not attended by the head of the LTSI-ITC Sub Directorate, Reza Fuad Rachmadi. Several colleagues also conveyed their impressions and messages to Rizki Rinaldi, while still working at DPTSI.

The highlight of the event was accompanied by impressions and messages by Rizki Rinaldi while working at DPTSI. Followed by souvenirs given by the Director of DPTSI and the Head of Sub-Directorate of LTSI-ITC. Closing ceremony with prayers and photos with DPTSI colleagues.

Congratulations on continuing your new career, we hope that good relations will continue, and can build good relations for good cooperation.

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