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UTBK-SBMPTN or Computer-Based Written Exams In the Joint Selection to Enter State Universities Batch II was held simultaneously from 20-23 July 2020 and 25 July 2020. UTBK-SBMPTN at ITS was held for 5 days, namely on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The health protocol is still being implemented during the examination. Participants are still required to wear a mask, wear gloves and a face shield while carrying out the exam and bring complete data such as participant cards and diplomas/photocopies of diplomas.

UTBK implementation time in a day is divided into 2 sessions, morning session, and afternoon session. The morning session starts at 09.00 to 11.15 WIB. At 09.00 the participants are required to enter the room. Furthermore, the supervisor will check one by one of the participants, starting from the completeness of masks, gloves, and face shields, to data validation. To run the health protocol, participants are asked to line up with a minimum distance of 1 meter, according to the order of the participant’s table number. When entering the room, participants are asked to issue a certificate/photocopy of the certificate and participant card for data adjustment, in addition to these two items, participants are asked to put other luggage into the bag including communication tools and drinks, and put the bag where the officer has directed. During the exam, participants are not allowed to activate communication devices or leave the room, so that before the exam starts, participants are still allowed to go to the toilet.

The examination in the morning session starts at 09.30 WIB, before logging into the exam application, the supervisor will first provide directions and rules that need to be obeyed by participants during the exam. During the exam, there are room administrators and ICT PJL (the person in charge of the location) officers in each room who will be ready to handle technical matters related to applications and PCs. There is also a spare PC that can be used if the computer used by the participant has interference.

In the implementation of UTBK-SBMPTN Batch II at ITS, there were not so many technical problems that occurred, so that participants could carry out exam activities smoothly.

The afternoon session starts at 14.30 WIB, but participants have been asked to enter the room at 14.00 WIB. Just like in other sessions, participants will be checked for completeness before entering the room. Before sitting down, participants will be given wet wipes with a hand sanitizer to wipe down the parts that have often been touched by previous participants, such as tables, chairs, keyboards, and mice. This is done for the safety of participants in the midst of a pandemic like this.

When the exam is over, participants will be asked to leave the room one by one starting with the participant closest to the exit to enforce social distancing. This activity was carried out until the last day of UTBK.


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