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Dear Speedy Campus customers,
In 2017, Telkom deactivated the speedy campus service. If all this time the internet access has been passed through ITS (idspeedy@its.edu.net), then from now on, internet access is not through ITS but directly to Telkom.
In other words, the ITS network connection (idspeedy@its.edu.net) was disconnected so that to be able to connect to the internet, please switch the proxy to idspeedy@telkom.net with the same password as before.
For speedy campus 55 thousand existing customers, please be careful because they will get a bill to swell if they exceed the quota of 50 hours/month. Therefore, don’t forget to turn off the modem if you don’t use it because the tariff is based on time, not a quota. As a suggestion, you can transfer to 1 Mbps ITS service, unlimited, 110 thousand, with direct contact to TELKOM via CP below.
1) Can I not access the internet? Still can. However, you must change the connection from idspeedy@its.edu.net to idspeedy@telkom.net.
How to?
1. Open the modem administration page by opening a browser. Type
2. If you are asked for a password username, enter the admin username and admin password.
3. There will be a display on the LAN tab. The initial username is xxxxxxxxx@its.edu.net changed to xxxxxxxxx@telkom.net and the password remains the same as before.
2) What if I have a problem with changing connections from ITS to Telkom?
Please contact Telkom Technical PIC via mas Khusnul on mobile number: 085102311029
3) What about my rates? For existing customers, the rates remain the same. However, for 55 thousand speedy campus customers, please be careful to ensure that they don’t download / access> 50 hours/month.
4) What if I want to change from 55 thousand to unlimited 1 Mbps ITS 110 thousand? Please contact: – Enterprise Telkom Senior Account Manager for ITS: Mrs. Reni Wulansari (0813 3256 5848) – Admin Telkom Support for ITS: Bu Yuni (081 3320 49434)
5) What if there are new speedy campus customers? New customers are directed to the home page and please contact Telkom directly.
Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,
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