July 07, 2017 07:07

Tutorial of ITS Speedy Campus Transition 2017

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Tutorial of transferring the Speedy Campus ITS domain to telkom.net after deactivation:

  • Make sure your IP matches the modem gateway IP or because it is the default modem
  • Check through the command prompt (windows)

  • Click “Local Area Connection”

  • Click “Details ..” and look at the IPv4 Default Gateway section

  • If your speedy IP modem is “”, then type in the browser your favorite (firefox or chrome)

  • For the modem user / password there are several defaults depending on the modem type:
    1. admin / admin
    2. user / user
    3. support / theworldinyourhand

-If you’ve entered the modem page, select the Interface Setup >> LAN menu, then in the PPoE / PPoA section change the username speedy                      @its.edu.net to be @ telkom.net
– Then click the Save button
– Your speedy has changed to the telkom domain

The tutorial can be downloaded here.

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