May 10, 2021 13:05

DPTSI Webinar Series : “Exploring Careers in Cloud: ITS Edition”

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ITS DPTSI in collaboration with Google Cloud Indonesia held a Webinar with the title: Exploring Careers in Cloud: ITS Edition. This webinar will be held on Thursday, May 6, 2021. The target participants for this webinar include students and several lecturers with related fields.

The webinar takes place in a virtual meeting using Zoom media. The event starts at 13.00 WIB. The opening of the event began with remarks from Rizky Januar Akbar, S.Kom., M.Eng., as the Leader of DPTSI and continued with the delivery of the first material by Anang Efendy as Country Manager. The initial material presented was related to “Exploring Careers in Cloud”.

The second material presented was related to “High Performance Computing on Google”, with Inu Wikantiyoso as the Enterprise Sales Lead – FSI as the speaker. And the last material was delivered by M. Indra Bangsawan as Customer Engineer – Data Specialist with his presentation with the theme “Data – X, All About Data”.

At the end of the event, the participants were invited to take a quiz with door prizes: Google Home and Google Nest. Some of the participants who managed to get door prizes include:

1. 06211740000037 Jennifer Patricia – Statistics
2. 02411840000108 Dandy Ananda – Industrial Engineering and Systems
3. 5025201249 Christhopper Marcelino – Informatics Engineering

The event went quite smoothly and was colored by the enthusiasm of the participants.

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