August 24, 2020 11:08

DPTSI Teams Becomes One of the Top 15 Finalists of ITSProvement 4.0

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ITSProvement is an idea competition event held by SDMO and intended by educational staff at ITS. This event is a forum to accommodate ideas from staff who can be useful in their work, and further advance systems and technology at ITS.

This year, ITS held ITSProvement 4.0 with 3 categories, namely Information Technology-Based Work System Management, 5S + S Cultural Applications, and Energy and Waste Management. Some staff in DPTSI also participated in this competition. And last Monday, when SDMO announced the Top 15 ITSProvement 4.0 Finalists on August 17, 2020, the final results were obtained for the top 15 of which were DPTSI employees.

The DPTSI employees who passed the Top 15 ITSProvement 4.0 Finalists selection included:

Adetya Bagus Nusantara, S. Kom.
Ali Mangsur, S. Kom.
Cahya Purnama Dani, A. Md.
Dinar Sekti Mayang Suri, S. Kom.
Fajar Dwi Yunanto, S. Kom.
Rahmad Santosa
Umar Hasan, S. Kom.
Yoga Ari Tofan
Yudha Nugraha, S. Kom.

Congratulations to the finalists, hopefully, the ideas shared can be useful in the work environment and can further build ITS for the better in the future.


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