September 23, 2018 01:09

Guide to Setting Up Email Lecturers and Employees in Outlook

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How to Set Up in Outlook Desktop on WINDOWS OS


Before configuring the lecturer e-mail and selecting it, make sure that the integra account (integra username and password) is correct by logging in to the portal integra.its.ac.id.
Ensure that the laptop/computer lecturers/employees has Outlook 2016 or 2013 installed. If not, then please install Office 2016 on your lead laptop.
If the above process is confirmed to be correct, here are the steps for how to configure email on PCs and laptops that use the Windows OS:

  • Click Start (Windows Logo) -> then search Control Panel -> click Control Panel -> click View by: Small icons -> and click Mail
  • Then after clicking “Mail” 2 times will appear, 2 different views, namely the display has not created a profile and has ever created a profile
  • Next, choose the type of email configuration
  • Next, entering the e-mail configuration, the following form must be filled in according to the number
  • Next, do the Internet E-mail settings by clicking More settings
  • Click Next to log in
  • If successful login will send a message like this and click close -> finish and close all mail applications
  • Then opening email through the Outlook application, it is recommended to use Office 2016 or 2013
  • How to open Outlook, click start -> then type Outlook -> double click on the Outlook app application
  • An email will appear in the outlook 2016 application

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