Student Association


ITS DKV Student Studio as a forum for developing communicative, creative, and innovative student potential by upholding family values in order to realize professional, competitive human resources, and provide benefits to the community, alma mater, nation, and state.


  1. Developing the potential of ITS DKV students in the professional field
  2. Accommodating and channeling the aspirations of ITS DKV students in realizing dynamic interactions
  3. Fostering the kinship of ITS DKV students based on the principles of openness and mutual respect
  4. Instill and develop leadership attitudes and managerial abilities of ITS DKV students
  5. Cultivating a creative and innovative professional climate in the environment
  6. ITS DKV students to increase competitiveness and benefit the community
  7. Fostering good relationships and cooperation with various parties to support the potential development of ITS DKV students

HIMARUPA Organizational Structure 2022

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