Visual Communication Design Undergraduate Program


Become a world-class study program, contribute to the independence of the nation, become a reference for education, research and community service in visual communication design science in facing industry in the future.


  • Organizing an international-oriented creativity and technology-based Visual Communication Design education;
  • Produce graduates who are design minded and able to face the problems and challenges of the design industry in the future;
  • Take an active role in the scientific development of visual communication design through national and international research activities;
  • Actively participate in solving problems faced by society, industry, central and local government in facing challenges development of business, media and technology through research activities and community service.


Values that are hoped to be inculcated by Visual Communication Design are by the following:

  1. Ethics and Integrity; whether in social, governmental, or professional situation, resolute in abiding cultural, governmental, and religiously inclined rules and norm
  2. Creativity and Innovation; always looking out for new ideas in creating innovation and carrying responsibility at hands
  3. Excellence; Achieving the best result by giving the maximum effort
  4. Strong Leadership; being visionary, creative, innovative, hardworking and dare to make changes in a better direction, and being responsible.
  5. Synergy; working together to make the most of the potential given
  6. Socio-cohesiveness and Social Responsibility; maintaining harmony and care for the surrounding communities.


The targets to be achieved by the Visual Communication Design Department, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology are:

1. Academic field

  • Producing competitive graduates
  • Organizing programs that are able to drive towards an international reputation

2. Research field

  • Produce research that impacts on revenue generation, encouraging research whose products are worth selling
  • Produce paper that can increase h-index

3. Field of service

  • Applying science and technology to improve the economy

4. Field of infrastructure

  • Applying science and technology to improve the economy

5. Field of human resource

  • Competent human resources available for tri dharma

6. Field of Organization and Management

  • Availability of Organization and Work Procedures and comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure
  • Implementation of a quality management system at the Department level

Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLO)

CodeDescription of Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLO)
GLO-1Capable of exemplifying attitudes and virtues indicative of a profound commitment to the divine, possessing noble character, demonstrating sensitivity to and concern for social and environmental issues, exhibiting respect for cultural diversity and pluralism, upholding the principles of law enforcement, and prioritizing the welfare of the nation and broader community. This is achieved through the application of innovation, creativity, and leveraging the inherent potential possessed by oneself and others.
GLO-2Proficient in the examination and application of scientific and technological principles for the enhancement of expertise in visual communication design. Capable of rendering judicious decisions based on individual and collaborative endeavors, employing logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking to interpret and utilize outcomes effectively.
GLO-3Competent in self-directed learning management and committed to personal development as a lifelong learner, with the aim of remaining competitive at both national and international echelons. This pursuit is geared toward making substantive contributions to problem-solving endeavors, underscored by a dedicated adherence to sustainability principles.
GLO-4Proficient in the examination and application of theories and principles within the realm of visual communication design.
GLO-5Competent in the exploration and application of knowledge about communication media.
GLO-6Proficient in the examination and application of socio-cultural knowledge relevant to the field of visual communication design.
GLO-7Competent in the examination and application of knowledge and skills in drawing, sketching, and prototyping.
GLO-8Proficient in the exploration and application of creativity and design thinking.
GLO-9Competent in the examination and application of management and marketing communication knowledge within the domain of visual communication design.
GLO-10Proficient in the exploration and application of design research knowledge to generate comprehensive visual communication design projects.
GLO-11Competent in the examination and application of technology and innovation within the context of visual communication design.

Graduate Profile

1. Freelance Designer

Freelance designers are designers who work without corporate obligations. They work independently according to the client’s requirements that are tailored to their respective schedules.

2. Graphic Designer

Become a professional in designing graphics from a combination of several design elements (color, illustration, typography, etc) using design principles (keseimbangan, kesatuan, kesinambungan, dll). And becoming someone needed for the branding process of a product.

3. Advertising agency

Moving in the field of advertising – advertising to promote a product.

4. Creative Director

In some creative industries in the modern era, the creative concept of a project is very much needed. While the ability of a visual communication designer is the only one to understand the psychology of a society so that what he creates can be targeted and attractive to many people. Besides, he will be able to understand a context of visual appearance that is appropriate to apply to his project.

5. Comics

Currently, the development of the comic book industry in Indonesia is quite rapid. Being a comic bookmaker is one of the choices for those of you who love reading and drawing because it’s an evolution from an illustration to a story.

6. Animator

Animators are tasked with creating animations that spread to the world of movies, television ads to console games.

7. Storyboard Director

Storyboard Director is tasked with overseeing, reviewing, and revising the storyboards created. They must ensure the quality and efficiency of the script visualization.

8. Photographer

Photographers are people who make pictures by capturing light from the subject with cameras or other photographic equipment.

9. Game Developer

In game creation, Visual Communication Design students can play a role in digital illustration, animation, user interface, to programming etc.

10. UI Designer

UI Designer has the task of organizing and designing interfaces either web, smartphone app, or software interface. They should prioritize the ease and clarity of the interface itself to maximize user interaction.

11. Publishing and Printing

Publishing can be understood as a private business entity or an agency that publishes printed materials or readings of various kinds to be later marketed. As for printing, the term is often heard accompanying the term publication. And the notion of printing itself is the instance that prints the author’s work in physical form after previously printed by the publisher.

Course Distribution per Semester

Course Code Name of Compulsory Course Credits
DV234101 2 Dimensional Basic Design 6
DV234102 Life Drawing 4
DV234103 Communication 3
DV234104 History of Visual Communication Design 3
DW234106 Design Thinking 2
Course Code Name of Compulsory Course Credits
DV234201 3 Dimensional Basic Design 6
DV234202 Technical Drawing 3
DV234203 Typography 3
DV234204 Creativity Studies 3
SM234202 Mathemathics 3
Course Code Name of Compulsory Course Credits
DV234301 Visual Communication Function 6
DV234302 Marketing Communication and Advertising 3
DV234303 Research Methodology 2
DV234304 Videography 3
DV234305 Creative Copywriting 3
DV234306 Photography 3
Course Code Name of Compulsory Course Credits
DV234401 Visual Communication Design Technology 6
DV234402 User Interface Design 3
DV234403 Digital Illustration 4
DV234404 Printing Technology 3
DV234405 Game Studies 2
DV234406 Visual Culture 2
Course Code Name of Compulsory Course Credits
DV234501 VCD Socio Culture 6
DV234509 Motion Graphic 4
DV234510 Business Ethics 3
DV234511 Branding 3
Elective Courses 4
Course Code Name of Compulsory Course Credits
DV234601 DKV Creativepreneur 6
DV234609 Design Management 3
UG234912 Indonesian 2
UG234916 Applied Technology and Digital Transformation 3
UG234913 Civics 2
Elective Courses 4
Course Code Name of Compulsory Course Credits
DV234701 VCD Comprehensive 6
DV234702 Practical Work 3
DV234703 Capita Aesthetics 3
UG234901-906 Religion Courses 2
UG234911 Pancasila 2
UG234914 English 2
UG234915 Technopreneurship 2
Course Code Name of Compulsory Course Credits
DV234801 Final Project 8

List of Elective Courses

Course Code Name of Elective Course Credits
DV234502 Comic and Graphic Novel 4
DV234503 Digital Content Creation 4
DV234504 Corporate Branding 4
DV234505 Arcade Game 4
DV234506 Basic CG Animation 4
DV234507 Experimental Photography 4
DV234508 Packaging 4
Course Code Name of Elective Course Credits
DV234602 Visual Books 4
DV234603 Immersive Creative Media 4
DV234604 Environmental Branding 4
DV234605 Serious Game 4
DV234606 Experimental Animation 4
DV234607 Cinematography 4
DV234608 Product Branding 4

Guidelines for ITS Visual Communication Design Practical Work Courses

Practical Work Procedures and Forms

Guidelines for Preparing a Final Project Report

Final Project Procedures and Forms

Minutes of Presentation K2

Final Project Evaluation

MBKM Program Information

Merdeka Belajar – Kampus Merdeka (MB – KM) Activity is a learning process carried out outside the Study Program both internally at ITS and outside ITS which consists of:

  1. learning in other study programs within ITS;
  2. learning in the same study program at a higher education institution outside ITS;
  3. learning in other study programs at universities outside ITS; And
  4. learning at non-university institutions.


The scope of MB – KM activities is 8 (eight) learning activities which include:

  1. Internship/Practice;
  2. Building Villages/Thematic Real Work Lectures;
  3. Student exchange;
  4. Humanity Project;
  5. Research;
  6. Entrepreneurial Activities;
  7. Independent Study/Project; And
  8. Teaching Assistance in Education Units.


Village Building Activities/Thematic Real Work Lectures and Humanitarian Projects are realized through community service activities.

Interests of the Department of Visual Communication Design ITS

Graduate of ITS Visual Communication Design Department

Average ITS Visual Communication Design Department


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