IKABITS Activity

IKABITS Activity

The HIMABITS is an organization that collects and channels the aspirations of alumni of Biology Department to contribute in helping the development of the alma mater and having a role in the development of Indonesia’s generation. The increasing number of alumni means the more challenges that will be present in the future, and the consolidation of organization and professionalism are needed. The increase in the number of alumni also requires widespread, fast and appropriate information distribution.

Activity of the IKABITS

  • Biannual alumni reunion, hosted by Biology Department dan the IKABITS
  • Fund raising (monthly) for IKABITS scholarship that will be awarded to active student of Biology Department at the beginning of each semester
  • Giving guest lecture in Biology Department (incidentally)
  • Provide information on job vacancy to the graduates of Biology Department

IKABITS actively holds oline sharing sessions via youtube. Please click here! also follow our Instagram account!