Master Degree (S2)

Master Degree (S2)

Master Program (S2)

The Department of Biology is one of the Departments that carry out the Master Program (S2) at the Faculty of Sciences , Institut Teknologi Sepiluh Nopember (ITS). The vision, mission, goals and objectives of Biology Department are formulated based on the vision, mission, goals and objectives of Faculty of Sciences and ITS, so that there is continuity and consistency from the Department level to the institute level.

Vision, mission, goals and objectives are formulated based on input from external parties (alumni, alumni users and other stakeholders) as well as internal parties (lecturers and education staff) through Department meetings attended by all lecturers with a gradual agenda, namely:

Curriculum (based on Minister of Higher Education’s Research and Technology Regulation, No. 44 of 2015)

  • The curriculum is a set of plans and arrangements regarding the achievement of graduate learning, study materials, processes, and assessments used as guidelines for the implementation of study programs.
  • The curriculum, contains national education standards consisting of graduate competency standards; learning content standards; standard learning process; learning assessment standards; standards of lecturers and education staff; standard learning facilities and infrastructure; learning management standards; and learning finance standards
  • The curriculum contains courses and syllabus, distribution of subjects in the form of summaries (blocks) that support the achievement of graduate competencies and provide flexibility for students to broaden their horizons and deepen their skills according to their interests. The curriculum is completed with a semester learning plan (RPS) and evaluation process.
  • The curriculum is designed based on its relevance to the objectives, scope and depth of the material, organizing that encourages the formation of hard skills and personality and behavioral skills (soft skills) that can be applied in various situations and conditions.

syllabus for master program courses in the Department of Biology here.