Welding Practice

Mon, 12 Nov 2018
1:19 pm
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A total of 15 Students of the Mechanical Industry Engineering Department of the Vocational School of ITS attended a welding practice on Friday (9/10). This workshop was carried out in the workshop of the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering, with emphasis on K3 (Occupational Safety and Health) in carrying out the practicum and accompanied by experienced Laboratory Technicians and Welding Subject Lecturers. This activity takes place in the 10-15th week of the lecture schedule.

The workshop which was attended by 15 students was guided directly by Ali Said, as a Welding Laboratory Technician. Practicum of the welding process is given to add theory insight and conduct welding work practices related to the welding process subject. The main purpose of this practice is to introduce electric welding machines and how to use them, to be able to determine the welding process parameters and perform several welding processes and to evaluate and determine the type of defect of welding results. (dee_ea)

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