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Tue, 27 Nov 2018
3:21 pm
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Cycling is now a trend in the community. However, cycling can not only be done on land. But, also on the surface of the water. For this reason, the Three Students of the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering developed a water bike that will be included in the Marine Icon Competition Water Bike Competition, which was held by the Marine Engineering Association of the Faculty of Marine Technology,  Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya (ITS) on the 16th – November 17, 2018.

The water bike team called Cakra Baswara EVO created a project that is based on needs and applications to the community. They are tempted by diverting the game in the water field because each water tour provides a duck-shaped water bicycle. But with sporty biking and dashing looks at the water not yet available. “Scotland is now a trend as well as a lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with trying a bicycle on the water that is fun but also healthy and sporty, “explained Aprisko, as the manager of the Baswara EVO Cakra team.

Aprisko explained “This time the Baswara Evo Chakra Team was able to achieve a very proud achievement for the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering. Achievements achieved include 1st Place Race Category, 1st Place in Endurance Category and General Champion. ”

“The development of water bikes in the future is also expected to be able to support Surabaya-based river tourism, and of course the development of the next water bike products still uses used materials and is environmentally friendly so that it can provide added value,” he added.

Water bikes have been widely developed, but water bikes developed by students of the Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department have adjusters (gear operands) such as bicycles that have general gear operands, the purpose of which is to increase speed or relaxed cycling, plus there is an antiskid on a bicycle pedal used so as not to slip when pedaling, while the bicycle saddle is given a soft cover to be more comfortable when cycling. “Hopefully in the future, Baswara Evo Chakra can achieve better results than this,” he added. (dee_ea)

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